27th  October

As women we need to celebrate our differences and use them as our strengths. We need to learn to be encouraging to ourselves and treat ourselves with the same kindness and grace we afford others. Happiness is an inside job and so is learning to be proud of the version you are today when you look in the mirror. 

If this resonates with you in anyway We would love you to come to our next "Be Proud Of You" event.


We are hosting it at the Highlander Hotel on the 27th of Oct 10am - 4pm Including lunch, morning and afternoon tea for $129pp




Keynote Emma Azzopardi


Emma Azzopardi is a successful Entrepreneur, Social Media Influencer on 8 Forbes lists, recently voted 28th most Inspirational Tweeter in the world and is a motivational speaker. Emma has a rare spinal disease and has had several operations, she's been bed ridden for long periods of time and was close to death given only 12 hours to live. Despite this, not once has she let it affect her drive. In fact its only motivated her to not only do more, but to make a positive difference in other people's lives and share her story to inspire others. Emma first started the movement #BeProudOfYou after a long period of being bed ridden when she still realised no matter what your circumstances you need to learn to be proud of the version you are today, no matter what that may look like. Her motto is #BelieveAndAchieve. If you Believe it you'll Achieve it

Fiona Hall

Fiona is an Executive Level 1 Project Manager for Space surveillance. Fiona has suffered severe depression and been hospitalised on many occasions. She now is a zen practictioner and mastered the "The Art Of Meditation"

Not only to help herself but to empower others to bring joy back into their life making it now her greatest passion.

Gwen Meyer

I teach people how to create the life thy have always dreamed of. Every person has the resources to grow and unlock their potential and I will show you how to beat procrastination and gain clarity, focus and confidence in your life

I focus on mastering your mind and your emotions to help you to do more, to be more and have everything you can imagine. 


Highlander Hotel Naracoorte




0447 900 050

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